So what makes Comfort Window® different?

It's a whole new way to save money and stay more comfortable.
Comfort Window saves you money and keeps you more comfortable than other smart thermostats by watching a combination of temperature and humidity to automatically adjust the setpoint according to how you actually feel rather than based solely on temperature.  This thermostat doesn't just save money by turning off your system while you're not there, it also changes how the equipment runs while you are there.

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Enhanced comfort control.  Manage your Comfort like never before.

Humidity plays such an important role in comfort that we just can't ignore it.  As well a dedicated output for a humidifier and auto-dehumidification, Comfort Window shows you in real-time how humidity affects your comfort.

Connect from your mobile device.  It'll blow your mind.

Whether on the go or on the couch, connect via wifi from virtually any Internet enabled device.  Easily adjust your temperature settings, view your history, edit your program schedule, and much more using the mobile app.  Forgot to a turn off the ac after leaving your vacation home, not a problem, you can always turn it off remotely.  Works on common devices including: all major web browsers, iOS, Android, Windows and more...

Re-imagined Program Schedule.  Oh yeah, it's that good.

Comfort Window's graphical schedule interface makes programming even easier.  Simply and quickly view your current schedule, edit an entry or add a new one. 

A new level of energy savings. 

When properly equipped, Comfort Window's Free Cooling™ feature ramps up the savings.  This technology constantly monitors the conditions inside and outside of your home making intelligent decisions.  When conditions permit, it will even heat or cool your home further into your Comfort Window for next to nothing.


We are currently finishing up our first production run and entering our product launch phase.  Look for Comfort Window online or at a store near you soon.

Feature Set

Comfort Window offers a rich set of features not found on common thermostats.  From our patent pending Comfort Window technology to our Economizer.  Coupled with wireless connectivity, Comfort Window will keep you comfortable, connected and thrifty.

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Comfort Window has been designed to support many different brands and types of heating and cooling systems.